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NetSuite Announcement:
The use of HTML in formula (text) fields in saved searches will be deprecated in the 2023.2 release. They will be introducing a new Formula HTML type, which means all HTML in formula text fields will display as plain text until you change them over to the new Formula HTML type.
Wondering what you should do to prepare for this release? Contact us for help.

NetSuite Services

NetSuite Customization

NetSuite customization, seacoast area Netsuite consultant

Quick NetSuite wins that enable your business. Dashboards and your reporting need to be accurate and up to date to drive strong decisions across the enterprise. We customize processes that feed those reports and dashboards to align your executives and users in near real-time.

NetSuite Process optimization

NetSuite process optimization, Seacoast NetSuite consultant

Thought-through automation helps your business to thrive and grow. Some of the processes we’ve built reduce expenses over time by 30%. Optimization tuning can be conducted in phases, growing and changing with your business.

NetSuite Training

NetSuite training, seacoast netsuite consultant

We train teams. When we enable strong teams, we strengthen your business and our business. It doesn’t always make sense to keep a senior-level NetSuite resource on staff, so we are here to back you up.

About Us

We help business users and accounting teams integrate NetSuite with their business processes, and/or help define process improvements to maximize the value of NetSuite.

Whether change is growth of the company or a refocusing of limited resources, it requires attention and energy. We help drive that energy by getting users excited about using the NetSuite platform more efficiently.

Customer Journeys are best with a map

It’s hard to know where you’re going unless you know where you are. We create a current state process map with you for each project, and walk through the changes that need to happen to get you where you need to be. We call this our Think-It-Through Mindset process.

End-Game Focused

Once you have the current state map, it’s good to have a plan. We help you figure out where you’re going. We then create a future state diagram. Then we put together a change management plan to help implement your new ideas with as little user disruption as possible. We keep the process as simple as possible for your users, while maintaining real time report-ability.

Our Team

Sean Murphy (Founder)

Sean Murphy, Founder, Lamprey River Erp Services, NetSuite, NetSuite Services, NetSuite consultant, New Hampshire, Newmarket, Seacoast area

Our Founder has been a NetSuite Administrator, Developer, and Architect Since 2006. Sean raises chickens, as well as giving time to Austin17House, a charity for at-risk youth and families.

Kimberly Murphy (Co-Founder)

Kimberly, Co-Founder, Lamprey River ERP Services, NetSuite, NetSuite Services, NetSuite consultant, New Hampshire, Newmarket, Seacoast area

Kimberly is a mom to 3 children and a medical assistant that has been NetSuite adjacent for over a decade. Kim likes to garden and spend time with her grandson Declan who is 7 years old.

Aislynn Abney (Marketing)

Aislynn, Marketer, Lamprey River ERP Services, NetSuite Services,  NetSuite consultant, New Hampshire, Newmarket, Seacoast area

Aislynn handles Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Management. She has worked with NetSuite and helps out with email marketing. Aislynn has a 7 year old son who was diagnosed with autism in 2019.

Our NetSuite Projects

A NH Based LED Lighting Product Manufacturer

A recent project consisted of implementing NetSuite financials, inventory, manufacturing, and CRM. Manage the migration of financial and CRM data from Odoo to NetSuite. Manage the conversion from average costing to standard costing and train staff to use NetSuite to manage the business.


Casey, Marketing, Testimonial

” Sean was the ideal technical counterpart while I was Information Mapping. He’s extremely competent in his knowledge of current and new technology, understands the importance of tech in marketing/sales, and has a great personality. Sean won’t immediately sign off on any projects. He challenges you to fully understand what you’re asking for and then works with you to accomplish it. When tasked with completely revamping a program, I couldn’t have asked for a better ally and teammate in Sean. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with Sean in the future.” – Casey Cheshire, Marketing Automation Strategist

Ruth, Testimonial

” Sean is the best software developer I have ever worked with. His response to a writer’s needs was always fast, effective, and supportive. His concern regarding maintaining a product, such that it best served the needs of its users was evident in his openness to hearing and valuing our needs and our input. His skills and generosity in sharing these skills enabled us to focus on our writing tasks, rather than having to struggle with any challenges presented by the software.” – Ruth Greenberg

Our Partners


Calculating taxes accurately is critical for the health of your company. Avalara Solutions may be recommended by your accountant. Tax issues can be complicated, but Avalara pairs with NetSuite to help your business have greater insight and accuracy.

Expensify Approved

If your employees are looking for a better way to do expenses. Give us a shout and let’s chat.

Oracle, NetSuite, Referral Partner

We are part of the referral partner program. Our expertise has helped CFO’s with:
– On the water inventory issues
– HIPAA issues
– Amazon inventory processes

Contact Us

Location: 1 Forest St, Newmarket NH, 03857 USA

Phone: +1 (603) 828-6947