NetSuite Update 2023.1

NetSuite 23 Release 1 (NetSuite’s Update 2023.1) is rolling out now. If you haven’t got it yet you will by the end of April. It promises to bring a host of new features and improvements to the popular cloud-based ERP system. This update will be the first of two major updates of 2023. It comes with a range of new capabilities that are designed to improve employee engagement, financials and operational excellence, and warehouse operation optimizations.

Suitepeople workforce management brings improvements for finance, supervisors, and employees. Finance will have automated wage calculations and seamless integration with NetSuite Payroll. Managers will save time with streamlined shift scheduling and improved communications. Employees can easily capture time, view schedules, clock in and out, and request shifts change, from any device. 

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse adds connections to more data sources; and is now available to customers in the UK and Australia. With NetSuite AP Automation, vendor bills can now be emailed directly to NetSuite, saving time and minimizing errors.

 NetSuite Ship Central equips warehouse workers with mobile packing and shipping capabilities. Serialized and lot-numbered items can now be counted using NetSuite Smart Count. Orders with multilevel kit items can be picked with NetSuite WMS, and if bins are unexpectedly empty or damaged, they can be blocked and an alert sent.

A few updates that are good for admins to be aware of are, that scheduled scripts no longer run automatically in sandbox after a refresh, and the end of support for HMAC-SHA1 signature method for Token-Based Authentication (TBA).

If you have any concerns or questions feel free to reach out to us here at Lamprey River ERP Services and we will help you through it.

You can read more in depth details here.

About The Founders

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The name Lamprey River came from the beautiful Lamprey River that wraps around the neighborhood where their family home is located.

Sean has been working in the NetSuite field since 2006, when he was involved in his first NetSuite implementation at a Professional Services company that specialized in technical writing and training. Since then he has worked in various industries including a stints as a NetSuite Solutions Consultant for a NetSuite Partner out of New Hampshire, Senior Developer and then ERP Team Leader at a financial institution in NYC, NetSuite System Manager/IT Director at a professional service company based in San Antonio.

During his time working with NetSuite he has worked with customers in the following industries

Medical Devices
Food imports & distribution
Professional Services.

Sean and Kim, live in Newmarket NH with their 2 sons (Griffin 21, and Brayden 17). Their daughter Aislynn (26) lives nearby with her son Declan (6) and her fiance Blake. Aislynn helps with the business in the Sales and Marketing area.

Kim and Sean also enjoy keeping backyard chickens. They currently have 15 chickens that they tend and spend time with daily.

They also both spend considerable time volunteering at Austin 17 House, a local Youth and Family center that provides services and support to at-risk teens and their families in the area.