NetSuite Update 2023.1

NetSuite 23 Release 1 (NetSuite’s Update 2023.1) is rolling out now. If you haven’t got it yet you will by the end of April. It promises to bring a host of new features and improvements to the popular cloud-based ERP system. This update will be the first of two major updates of 2023. It comesContinue reading “NetSuite Update 2023.1”

About The Founders

Lamprey River ERP Services Lamprey River Erp Services, LLC. Founded in April 2020 by Sean Murphy and his wife Kimberly Murphy. The name Lamprey River came from the beautiful Lamprey River that wraps around the neighborhood where their family home is located. Sean has been working in the NetSuite field since 2006, when he wasContinue reading “About The Founders”